Stealth Cam Fusion X-Pro 36MP Dual-Network Trail Camera


Color: Trebark
Size: 36MP/720P HD
Description: Fusion X-Pro
Megapixel: 36
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The Stealth Cam® Fusion X-Pro 36MP Dual-Network Trail Camera automatically connects to the strongest network in the area it’s placed, ensuring exceptional coverage. This cellular trail camera provides on-demand 36MP photos and HD video so you can see game clearly. An 80′ detection range pairs with an infrared flash to deliver excellent photos and videos day or night, plus a .4-second trigger and 1-3 photo bursts mean more full-frame captures of moving animals.

This Stealth Cam trail camera offers competitive data plans, and it includes built-in weather movement patterning software to help you with your scouting. When you need a game camera to give you clear images and videos no matter the time of day or weather conditions, you can rely on the Stealth Cam Fusion X-Pro 26MP Dual-Network Trail Camera.

  • 36MP photos and HD video
  • Dual network connects automatically to the strongest signal
  • 80′ detection range and .4-second trigger speed
  • Infrared flash for nighttime images and videos
  • 1-3 photo bursts capture moving animals
  • Competitive data plans
  • Weather movement patterning software

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