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For years many manufacturers have taken the approach that one powder measure would do everything. It is a fact that any volumetric measuring device carries a sweet spot that is relative to the dimensions of its metering chamber.  The greatest precision and repeatability is found within this sweet spot, with an increasing level of consistency degradation happening as charge weights move farther out of its range. Broad range measures are good throughout their range and great at points.  Good has never been enough for Redding and while offering two highly recognized broad range powder measures, Redding began building specialized measures for a variety for shooting disciplines and cartridge types over a decade ago beginning with the BR-30, Competition 10x and more recently the LR-1000.


In that tradition the Competition PR-50 was engineered with a sweet spot from approximately 35 to 75 grains of most powders. This new measure completes the grouping with a total of four distinct powder measures, each optimized for incredible precision within a given range of charge weights. Beyond and efficient metering chamber design, consistent charges are assured by a precision ground drum, a honed metering chamber and a unique hemispherical micrometer adjustable plunger, which virtually eliminates powder voids caused when using long grain powders. The micrometer is designed to reduce backlash in its travel making for easily repeatable charge weights as well.

Made In United States of America

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Product Information

Adjustment Type Micrometer
Maximum Powder Charge 75 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge 35 Grains
Metering Chamber Rifle
Powder Type Smokeless Powder
Country of Origin United States of America
Press Mountable Yes


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