Redding Competition LR-1000 Drop Tube Adapter 50 Caliber




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Redding Reloading friction fit extended powder drop tube is designed to fit all current Redding powder measures and their funnel. Longer drop tubes allow powder to flow freely and stack better on loads that fill the case. This becomes more of an effect when using longer stick type powders.  Extended drop tubes have been popular with Bench Rest shooters who strive for full cases, as many people believe that a full case offers greater consistency of velocity with a given charge of powder. The new Redding extended drop tube allows cases to be filled completely, consistently and accurately.


It is simply designed to slip on over the existing drop tube on all current Redding measures and green Lexan funnels. It is made from the same transparent green Lexan as the Redding Powder Funnel and the included Powder Measure Drop Tube on the Powder Measures assuring years of service and a quality fit.  The extended tube is 1-5/8 inches long.

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