22 LR Federal American Eagle Rimfire Suppressor 45 Grain Subsonic CPRN AE22SUP1 – 50 Rounds





Federal American Eagle Rimfire Suppressor, 22 LR 45 grain Subsonic Copper Plated Solid Point AE22SUP1 – 50 Rounds

American Eagle® Rimfire Suppressor rounds perform to their ballistic peak in suppressed firearms, thanks to carefully selected propellants, bullet weights and primers. Their sub-sonic loading eliminates the super-sonic “crack” suppressors can’t silence. In addition, special clean-burning powders minimize fouling while reliably functioning in semi-automatic firearms. Suppressor loads are priced for volume shooting.

  • Caliber:  .22 Long Rifle
  • Bullet Weight:  45 Grain
  • Bullet:  Copper Plated Round Nose (CPRN)
  • Bullet weights and profiles carefully selected for suppressed firearms
  • Subsonic muzzle velocities
  • Reliable function, feeding and ignition
  • Copper Washed Hollow Point
  • Muzzle Velocity:  970 fps
  • Manuf. Part# AE22SUP1
  • Made in the USA by Federal Cartridge Company.


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