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The Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Double Disk Kit raises the hopper of the Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure so reloaders can stack two disks. This not only doubles the capacity of the disks, but it makes very fine adjustments possible. Most powders can be adjusted +/-.1 grain with different combinations of disks. Complete listing of combinations, 4 extra disks, screws and risers are included.


  • With the addition of this kit the Lee Auto-Disk powder measure can drop up to 28.8 grains of Unique and 42.2 grains of IMR 4064 (this kit will work with all brands of smokeless powder)
  • Kit raises powder hopper permitting two disks to be stacked in powder measure.
  • Allows the user to double the capacity and make very fine adjustments.
  • Most powders can be adjusted up or down in 1/10th grain increments using different combinations of disks.
  • Includes list of different combinations, four extra disks (which are the same as those included with the powder measure), longer screws for the powder measure, and riser.

Made In United States of America

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Product Information

Material Plastic
Adjustment Type .1 grain
Maximum Powder Charge 42.2 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge 28.8 Grains
Powder Type Smokeless Powder
Country of Origin United States of America


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