Beretta 21A Bobcat Covert .22LR Pistol TB




Beretta 21A Bobcat

The Beretta 21A Bobcat is to be had chambered for both .22 LR or .25 ACP (6.35 mm) ammunition. It has a easy blowback operation, with a single- and double-action cause mechanism, and exposed hammer. It has a mag launch button inside the left facet grip, placed among the grip maintaining screws.

The frame is comprised of aluminum alloy; the slide and barrel are either carbon metal or stainless-steel, relying at the model.consistent with Beretta, the pistol is intended for off responsibility police and pistol convey allow holders that are searching for a especially concealable, however dependable pistol designed for self-defense.

Caliber .22LR
Capacity 7 Rounds
Barrel Length 2.9″, Threaded (1/2×28 tpi)
Action SA/DA
Overall Length 8.7″
Frame/Slide  Aluminum, Steel
Grip Walnut
Weight 11.8 oz.
California Compliant No

safety functions

It’s far outfitted with a body-set up, thumb-operated rear-locking protection, which also blocks the slide. this could be carried out with the hammer completely down, or cocked. The hammer has a half-cock safety notch. there is an inertia kind firing pin layout.

specific functions

One defining characteristic of this pistol is the ‘tip-up’ barrel. The barrel pivots on a pin under the muzzle so that the chamber can be loaded with the slide in the closed position. it is released by means of a lever on the left facet of the frame, above the trigger. This simplifies loading, unloading, and checking load repute, as the slide may be difficult for some human beings to retract by means of hand.

Displaying the end-up barrel.

The Bobcat changed into designed without an extractor, relying on strain from the increasing gases of the fired cartridge to simply blow spent cases from the chamber. This makes it mainly sensitive to preference of ammunition relative to reliable operation.

The weapon layout creates a unique ejection route. as opposed to ejecting spent brass to the aspect as do maximum semi-computerized hand guns, the Bobcat ejects the spent brass backwards and up.

The Bobcat 21A is to be had in both .22 LR with 7-round magazine ability or .25 ACP (6.35 mm) with 8-spherical mag potential. The .22 LR model is currently to be had in both matte black (Beretta’s “Bruniton” finish) or stainless steel (“Inox”) versions. The .25 ACP model is available in black only


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